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We carry the C-Level Strain Gauge Level System and The BOB II Inventory Measurement System for continuous level detection. Please click here for more information.

  Discover the Pro-Line Tilt Switch and Control Unit, the Belt Misalignment Switch, and the Safety Cable Pull Switch, among others. Please click here.
  Low-Cost, Non-Invasive, Microwave-Based Bulk Solids Flow Detector and Reliable, Non-Invasive Microwave-Based Flow Detector for All Types of Bulk Solids. Please click here.  

We are your number one source for all Ramsey switches and level systems including tilt switches, tilt switch controllers, belt misalignment switches, safety pull switches, rotary switches and capacitance probes.

We also carry point level switches, microwave flow/no flow switches, speed switches and much more.

Additionally we carry "Ramsey" C-Level systems, and bin bob systems.

** Tilt Switches Now Available In A Non-Mercury Version! **

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