Ramsey Switches

Tilt Switches and Control Units

Pro-Line Tilt Switch and
Control Unit

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The Pro-Line tilt switch is actuated when material rises to tilt the probe 15 degrees or more from its vertical posi­tion. The mercury switch is precisely positioned so that, regardless of direc­tion of tilt, the normally-closed contacts are caused to open. The switches are encapsulated in various sizes to suit the application.

The Model 20-43 control unit is housed in a NEMA 4X box with green (“Normal”) and red (“Alarm”) indicating lights inside a clear front enclosure. A 0-10 second adjustable time delay circuit in the control unit prevents momentary tilting of the switch from causing a false or premature contact transfer. An internal jump wire permits selection of “Normal” condition either with the tilt switch vertical or tilted. Two normally-open and two normally-closed output contacts are available for con­nection to external alarms and/or con­trols. Interruption of line power causes a relay transfer.

Belt Misalignment Switch
belt misalignment switches

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For protection of Belt Conveyor and Personnel. Belt misalignment switches are mounted on the top or bottom of the conveyor stringer with the actuating arm adjusted to the outside edge of belt.

If the belt skews or runs-off contacting actuating arm, displacing it from the arm's normal vertical position, one or more of the microswitches are contacted.

Safety Cable Pull Switch
safety cable pull switches

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A pull cable is terminated at one end from a fixed mounting and attached at the switch end to one of the actuating armholes. Force applied to the pull cable at any position causes the actuating arm to rotate 20deg. to a tripped-locked position. This will stay locked until manually reset by the reset lever.


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