Point Level Switches

Specific point level switches for different bin configurations.

CAP Series Capacitance Level Control

Point level detector in bins and vessels containing a wide variety of materials.

The “CAP” Series Capacitance level control is designed for point level monitoring of solids, fluids or slurries in bins, vessels and chutes. The CAP control detects the presence or absence of material by sensing a change in capacitance caused by the difference in dielectric constant of the vessel material and air.

These level controls can eliminate spills, material waste and downtime by preventing bin overflows, plugged chutes and empty bins. They work equally well as high- or low-level indicators in plastic, food, chemical, mineral slurry and many other applications, solids or liquids. This gives you the flexibility and control you need to maximize the performance of your process to improve your bottom line.

Features and Benefits
  1. Extreme sensitivity

  2. No radio frequency interference

  3. Quick-set calibration provides simple selection of detection sensitivity

  4. Calibration stability from -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)

  5. UL listed/CSA approved

  6. NEMA 4X

  7. Hazardous area approvals

  8. Shielded probes with plastic sleeves suitable for most solids, liquids and slurries

  9. No false readings from sidewall build-up

  10. Unsurpassed static discharge protection

Paddle Point Level Switch

Economical Paddle Switch for Top or Side Mounting in Dry Bulk Materials.

Bulk Pro Systems Model PL Paddle Level Switch is an economical paddle level switch designed for point level detection in dry bulk materials. Incorporated into the design of the PL is a magnetic drive that has been proven by decades of use. A 1 rpm synchronous motor rotates the paddle which utilizes a magnetic drive. As the product in your application builds up to the paddle its movement becomes impeded and the resulting motor torque activates the output switches which stops the motor and gives you an alarm. A spring mechanism reactivates the motor and returns the switches to their normal state when the product moves away from the paddle and no longer impedes its movement.
Features and Benefits
  1. Magnetic drive that isolates and completely seals the control head from the process and environment preventing material or dust from entering the control head.

  2. Motor shuts-off when the paddle stalls increasing the motor life, preventing motor burnout and decreasing power usage.

  3. Slip clutch design enabled by the magnetic drive that prevents damage to the motor and drive mechanism from sudden or excessive loading on the paddle.

  4. Status indication light on the enclosure provides visual indication of the switch.

  5. Screw cover on the enclosure allows for easy access to the electrical with no worries about loosing bolts or screws.

  6. Modular design to allow field installation of any paddle, flanges, shaft extensions or shaft guards.

Microwave Point Level

Microwave Point Level is a transmitting system, consisting of a sender and receiving unit for level detection in solid and liquid applications.

Typical applications are the detection of bulk solids in silos, bunkers and crushers as well as of liquids in pipelines and vessels. The non-contact measuring principle has no direct contact with the medium and ensures continuous wear-free and maintenance-free operation.
Features and Benefits
  1. Reliable measurement even with very abrasive products
  2. Simple adjustment saves time and costs with setup and commissioning
  3. Reliable measurement even with changing product properties
  4. Can be adjusted to see though wall build-up
  5. Easy to mount using an 1-1/2” NPT half Coupling
  6. Stainless steel wetted parts

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