Speed Switches

Heavy duty speed switches for dry bulk material applications available in high and low speeds.

Ramsey Model 60-23P Under Speed Switch

The Model 60-23P Under Speed Switch provides a low-cost, dependable, versatile and simple means of monitoring the rotational velocity of a shaft or other rotating equipment.
It monitors speed by sensing a ferrous element attached to the rotating shaft or equipment. The detector generates pulses from the ferrous element and closes an alarm contact when the time between pulses is greater than the time adjusted by the setpoint. The unit operates on the number of pulses received, rather than in actual revolutions. Low speed range may be enhanced by increasing the number of ferrous elements on the rotating shaft.
Features and Benefits
  1. Non-contacting, proximity-type detector provides longer life and lower operating costs.
  2. Two-bolt mounting assures simple installation.
  3. Single-piece construction with no separate control unit. Provides ease when setting up and/or troubleshooting.
  4. Rugged housing is weather-tight, polyammide/fiberglass, and sturdy, yet lightweight.
  5. No moving parts and a longer trouble-free life.

  6. Alarm/delay: 10 second delay while rotating equipment reaches operating speed.
  7. Alarm to normal delay assures notification when speed drops below adjustable setpoint.

Ramsey 60-200 Motion Monitoring System

Sensing speed conditions on rotating shafts and machinery.

The 60-200 programmable motion monitor is a versatile microprocessor-based controller that can be used with any of the sensors offered by Thermo Ramsey, or in some cases, as the control device matched with compatible pulse output sensors from other sources.

All alarm functions, delays and operating parameters are entered via a simple three button keyboard. There are no potentiometers to adjust. A four digit, seven segment display will display current speed as a percentage relative to a user programmed reference speed. It is also used to display various parameters and set-up values when the control is in its set-up mode. Finally, the display will show an error code if any problems occur. This helps the operator troubleshoot any system failures.

Features and Benefits
  1. Versatile and reliable packages for monitoring speed conditions on various types of machinery and systems.

  2. Detect under-speed, over-speed, and zero-speed conditions.
  3. Choose from mechanically coupled (shaft-driven) or non-contacting proximity type sensors to satisfy your particular application requirements and design preferences.

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